Sep 10, 2012

my life thus far

So I've been really bad about writing this summer. Here's a rundown:

1. Spheal and I are fine... but miss each other terribly

2. I'm teaching three nights a week at two studios, for a total of 7 classes, plus my own classes which I take and give to myself. yay!

3. I've also gotten my jump-rope stamina up to a few minutes rather than twenty seconds. Now I'm working on prolonging the higher heart rate.

4. Mom and Fish came to visit for a weekend... that was fun, but very tiring. 

5. Dad might come and visit us some time this semester. I do miss him, and I am looking forward to it, but I also sort of dread it. It's not that I don't love him, it's just that some of his actions towards me have made me irritated with him lately.

6. I still like lists just as I did before

7. I still hate the joke that is campus dining, this time more than before

8. I want so badly to dance and write and craft all day, but I have stupid school to worry about.

9. I've lost enough weight to fit into the vintage dress I bought at an antique store this summer, but not enough for it to be comfortable. Got a few more pounds to lose. Of course I don't know how much I weigh, because I got rid of my scale due to my constant fixation on my weight. (aka I left it at  home)

10. I can't express to anyone how badly I want to see my Spheal right now. Last night I simply burst into tears because I miss him so much. I'd do just about anything to sit with him, see his smile, hold his hand. Forget the rest. I just need to be there with him, but he's six flipping hours away.

c'est la vie, i guess.

here's to shitty cereal and chicken patties with a side of wheat germ,


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