Jul 21, 2012


  1. I suck at blogging lately because I don't have internet where I'm living.
  2. my plans changed and my ballet camp got canceled so I spent a week with spheal instead, during which we made a few major changes to our relationship.
  3. I'm working for my dad again… and I swear this is the last year I will do so. it's been one week and I already want to kill someone. and I'm not even living at the house!
  4. I'm crocheting a sweater. I finished the sleeves yesterday. today I'm going to put it together and tomorrow I'm going to wear it to church…
  5. Sunday, Spheal is coming to visit for the day. I can't wait!!!!
  6. I have a yeast infection and I WANT TO KILL SOMETHING. GAH. also I can't use the cream because it hurts my skin. stupid sensitive skin.
  7. I'm going into carb  withdrawl because mom is on a diet that's mostly protein, while I as a dancer need to eat mostly carbs. it's difficult. my head hurts. I'm feeling sluggish.
  8. I might have another dancing job opportunity. updates soon.
  9. my class schedule is finally getting cleaned up because my professor is finally emailing me back.
  10. my intenship is almost finished. just some paperwork I have to do.

now I'm off to work to clean and paint and stuff… and hopefully my headache will go away soon :(

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