Jul 3, 2012

a few things


  1. Friday I went to Spheal's house and surprised him for the weekend. It was so awesome.
  2. My internship has flown by! I'm on my last week.
  3. I'm writing again. It's wonderful.
  4. I dyed some yarn. with Kool-Aid. It was fun!!!
  5. I learned how to crochet socks! Working on a pair right now for the etsy shop.
  6. we're having a thunderstorm
  7. my car's AC still doesn't work, so I got sunburnt today while driving home and keeping the windows open trying to stay cool.
  8. I really really REALLY want to dye more yarn. IT'S SO MUCH FUN.
  9. I need some chocolate.
  10. my lotion came in the mail… hopefully my skin won't burn up when I put it on.

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