Dec 12, 2010

Back to snow

So it's 20 degrees outside, supposed to get to 18 tonight, supposed to be 12 tomorrow night. had snow today, supposed to have snow tomorrow too.

thing is, I used to think that 38 was cold. now 38 is like… "no sweater needed" kind of weather. 45 is "shorts and t-shirt go for a run" weather.

I got a good look at some snowflakes today. they fall like pieces of down from a blanket, and when you look at them, really look at them… they look just like they do in the storybooks. up close, the detail is incredible. and they're so small… and there's so many of them…

and every single one is different!

tell me again… whose idea was it that the world evolved from a cosmic soup?… stupids.

here's what I did today: since church was canceled and I couldn't drive in the slush anyway (because it warmed up to like 38 earlier so it kinda got messy outside…) I stayed in bed until like… 9:30. then I saw it was all white outside and I knew I couldn't sleep anymore. so I got dressed and went for a short walk around my dorm room in the snow and took some pictures (check fb for those of you who know me) and called my mom like… twice. because I was so excited. then I went back inside and made some oatmeal and worked on my new book for a while, then I packed up my stuff and headed off to *$ to study. then I ate lunch in the dining hall and went home (took a walk while I was at it) and knit some christmas presents. that was about it. pretty dull day.

oh yeah. the Freon is leaking out of my refrigerator… good thing that stuff isn't as toxic as some people say it is. dad said maybe it would be good for me… maybe it would fix my brain and I'd be normal… pfsh. Freon as treatment for insanity. I'd love to believe that…

but that would make the voices go away, and they keep me company when my friends decide not to hang out with me. they keep me sane.

the voices keep me sane. omigoodness.

totally random note: I just had the first regular 28-day cycle of my life. dead serious… maybe getting out of my lousy little town was better for me than I thought…

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